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Bath mess

Bath mess

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Wash your dog in less than 5 minutes! 🚀

Let's face it, washing dogs can be a tedious and time-consuming task. Especially if your puppy tries to run away every chance he gets.

Introducing Kalpykamu!

Bath soap is designed to make your bath routine easier, from mixing soap to lathering, scrubbing and rinsing. I make baths much faster, easier and more efficient!


Deep wash 🐳

Feel more confident that your dog is truly clean and healthy. With twice the pressure compared to an average hose, eight spray modes tailored to dogs and adjustable soap dilution. Bath soap removes all stubborn dirt from under the coat. Mud, excrement, sweat, dander - it disappears!


Reduce stress and anxiety ❤️

It's no secret that most dogs would rather skip bath time. However, the bath foam creates a quick and seamless bathing experience, helping the dog to remain calm throughout the process.


Recommended by dog ​​groomers 👍

Groomers have been looking for the best way to wash more dogs in less time without compromising on professional quality. Karvakamu has proven to be the best option in terms of price-quality ratio.


We offer a 30-day guarantee, meaning a full refund.

We firmly believe that Bath soap is of the best quality. That's why we offer you the opportunity to try the Spa completely risk-free .

Buy now. Pay within 30 days. Read more .

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